At Fuelled by Food, we provide clients with tailored, high quality nutrition expertise to support individuals to achieve their health and well-being goals. Fuelled by Food brings together the skills of an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Personal Trainer (PT) which helps to provide individuals with a holistic approach to fuelling your body.

Fuelled by Food helps translate scientific nutrition research into personalised, practical dietary advice, so you can make informed decisions about what to eat. We help educate you to determine what is right for you now and into the future. Our advice is individualised, and we don't provide you with quick fixes, or fad diets (sorry to disappoint - we follow the science!!).

Some of the benefits of working with a Dietitian include:

  • Improved body weight;
  • Improved nutritional status;
  • Improved eating behaviour/dietary intake;
  • Improved appetite and satiety;
  • Reduced risk of complications or disease progression;
  • Dietary prescription tailored to individual’s needs, lifestyle, medications and disease management;
  • Increased understanding of food labels;
  • Identification of food triggers using evidence-based elimination diets;
  • Collaboration with other allied health professionals;
  • Budget friendly recommendations; and
  • Tailored support with motivation to make dietary changes.

Private health fund rebates and/or Medicare rebates available.